Sunday February 16th at 20.00

Join us on Sunday night for the beautiful evening of meditation.

During the class, you’ll experience still and elevated states of mind. And you’ll walk away with a meditation technique you can practice on your own.

You will also learn the introductory teachings of Buddhism and will see how these teachings are relevant to you, and how you can apply them in your life to achieve greater happiness, balance, and peace.

February 9th meditation will be very special as it coincides with full moon, the time of power conducive to group meditations.

Beginners are welcome!

Registration is not required, but recommended. For more information and to reserve your spot, please visit:

Cost: Free!
(Class will be in English only)

About Tara
Tara is a senior monk at the Vajranandacharya Buddhist Church. She studies Dzogchen Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and Karma Yoga with her beloved teacher Ajahn Samvara.

Tara was ordained as a Buddhist Monk at the age of 29. She has received teaching empowerments and has been teaching meditation, mindfulness and karma yoga since 2008.

Through her meditation practice, Tara has learned to go into high states of mind and integrate the balance and joy gained from meditation into her daily life.

Tara uses her accomplishments as a top software consultant, martial artist and scuba diver to demonstrate how teachings of Enlightenment empower women not just spiritually, but in all aspects of their lives.

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