Auður Bjarnadóttir mun kenna jóga með Tanishka á námskeiðinu “Inner Goddess” 10-20. Maí á dásamlegu grísku “bláu eyjunni ” Amorgos

Tanishka er höfundur metsölubókarinnar  “The Inner Goddess Makeover’  og námskeiðið fer djúpt í kvenna og gyðjufræðin.

The Moon Woman is the best selling author of ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ & ‘Goddess Wisdom’ published by Hay House with over half a million followers of her daily guidance.

Created and facilitated by Taniskha, this event is exclusively for women. You will spend 8 days on the exotic paradise island of Greece, empowering every facet of your inner goddess.

May 12-20th 2019. We recommend you arrive the day before to settle in and absorb the stunning, scenic views of your venue. Scroll down to discover all the details of your Greek Goddess Adventure…

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